Block Paving and Tarmac Refurbishment

We recommend that after you have had our comprehensive refurbishment programme it is combined with the sealing surface treatment to further enhance the appearance and durability.

  • Protects against loss of colour from UV light
  • Solidifies joints sand, inhibiting weed growth and loss of sand from joints
  • Waterproofs paving, restricting surface growth of algaes and lichens
  • Oil resistant
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Increased lifespan
  • Easier maintenance
  • Other treatment available
  • Weed fungicidal killing after care
  • Renovation work
  • Tarmac completely rejuvenated
  • New driveways, patios, paths

Weed Fungicidal Killer After Care

  • Moss control & season-long preventative weed fungicidal treatments are also available for all your surfaces including paths, patios, driveways

Renovation Work

  • Relay any sunken or damaged areas, replace any damaged blocks

Tarmac Completely Rejuvenated

  • Your old tired tarmac thoroughly deep cleaned

All Damaged Areas Repaired

  • Application of special restoration sealer Back to Black

Selling Or Letting Your Property

  • If you’re selling your house or letting a property then phone us and we will help improve the kerb appeal and value with minimal expenditure.

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Posted: 8th June 2016


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